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Arctic circle cod fishing

Mike Thrussell Jnr travels to the Arctic Circle, the land of snow, northern lights and mighty cod for his first ever trip to the magical fishing grounds of...

Cod bonanza on Grimsey Island

Mike Thrussell heads up to the Arctic Circle and the Icelandic island of Grimsey for some awesome cod fishing that also throws up a big shore caught coalfish!

Iceland Efsa

Akureyri shore fishing

With the EFSA Shore Fishing Championships due to be held in Iceland, Wayne Thomas travels to Akureyri to sample some of the fine shore fishing available before...

Shore halibut intro

Shore fishing for halibut

Mike Thrussell is back in Norway, this time to target one of his favourite species, the most powerful flatfish in the world - the halibut.

Olaf’s Icelandic haddock fishing

In the second of our exclusive series focusing on Northern Iceland, Mike Thrussell once again teams up with former Welsh International Francis Jones and WSF...

Mike Thrussell with a halibut

Norwegian halibut fishing

Once more we head north to Norway, this time Mike Thrussell and Barney Wright are in search of halibut, one of the most sort after fish in Europe.

Norwegian wolffish

In the lair of the wolffish!

Mike Thrussell and Barney Wright travel to the Arctic Circle to do battle with some of the ugliest fish alive, but also, one of the sea anglers most sort after...