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Enter the Fishing Comp UK

The Fishing Comp is an exciting, unique national lure fishing competition. The first of its kind in the UK which enables lure anglers to compete against one another to win a host of monthly and annual tackle prizes. In fact the prize pot stands at a staggering £5,000s of tackle prizes over the duration of the competition year.

It’s open to all anglers and you don’t need to be a professional angler, a club member, work in the angling industry or even go fishing every day to compete. If you’ve cast a line once a year and you catch a monster, you’re in with a chance of winning!

Submitting your catches enters you into both an annual and a monthly competition. The annual competition is based on a whole years entries and the monthly competition is based on the entries within the current month. At the end of the year the angler with the largest fish as determined by the competition rules will be the King or Queen of Angling!

All participants of the Fishing Comp can follow their progress on a system of live leaderboards on the Fishing Comp UK website. It will show you the position of each entry and who is currently leading the annual and monthly competitions.

Fishing Comp UK


How it Works

In order to enter the competition an angler must first become a member of Fishing Comp UK. Membership costs £34.99 and includes the official measure and everything you need to compete.

The competition is split into two with annual and monthly prizes available. There are five species of fish which are eligible for entry, these are the “Target Species” and include Bass, Ballan Wrasse, Pollack, Perch and Pike.

Fish sizes are recorded on a length basis. Each fish has to be measured and photographed against the official Fishing Comp Measure. This ensures that all fish are recorded accurately and fairly on the same measure by all entrants. Not only that, but the Fishing Comp Measure is also a cool, robust piece of kit that will last donkeys years and be useful in your general fishing too.

Fishing Comp UK

Each entry is placed in a league table for both the annual and monthly competition. To make it fair so each species has an equal chance of winning, table placements are based on a percentage of Specimen Size. The length of the fish entered is matched against a benchmark “Specimen Length” for each species. The position of each entry in the table is determined by how much of a percentage each entry is against this benchmark. The higher the percentage against that fish, the higher in the league table the entry goes.

More Information

For more information on the Fishing Comp UK, visit the Fishing Comp UK website.

Fishing Comp UK