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How to Sea Fish

How to Sea Fish

How to Sea Fish is the section of Sea Anglers Guide which includes a large range of information for the new sea angler or the individual who wishes to brush up on some of the more common elements of sea angling.

This is a new section to the website and it will take some time to build up. We will be constantly adding to this section over the course of 2017.

Fish Species

Complete knowledge guides on fish likely to be targeted by the sea angler. Includes information on history, characteristics, identification, habitat, distribution and other facts useful to the sea angler.


In depth guides on the variety of sea fishing tackle available. Includes information of different types of rods, reels, luggage, accessories and clothing. Designed to help you choose the right tackle for each type of fishing.

Terminal Tackle

Often referred to as the “business” end in the fishing tackle chain. This section has guides on what each piece of terminal tackle is, what is does and how to use it. From hooks to swivels to line, it’s all covered.


Part and parcel of learning how to sea fish is knowing good quality, strong knots. Our guides show you the best knots for a multitude of different angling situations.


Rigs are an arrangement of components which can be species, venue or condition specific. Here we look at the most common types of sea fishing rigs and how to tie them.

Sea Fishing Baits

Using the correct bait is vitally important in the pursuit of catching fish. We look at all the common types of bait, includes how to collect, store and use each bait type.


The single most important factor in trying to catch fish is knowing where the fish are going to be. Our guides will explain where to fish, understanding the weather and tides and also when the best times are.

Species Tactics

In depth tactical information on the best techniques and tackle to target common fish species in the UK from both the shore and boat.


Information on individual techniques used to catch fish as well as how to fish certain terrains such as beaches, structures and rock marks.

Catching a Fish

Tips and guidance on what to do when you catch a fish from striking and playing to photographing your prized catch.

Boat Fishing

Boat fishing allows anglers to fish in more abundant waters for bigger fish, follow our guides on how to get the best from your boat fishing trips.

Lure Fishing

Lure fishing is an exciting way to catch fish, this section takes you through the techniques and tactics used in saltwater lure fishing in the UK.

Responsible Angling

Every angler is an ambassador for the sport, we look at some practical tips for responsible fishing and looking after the environment we use.


Now you’ve been through the basics of how to sea fish, why not check out our advanced section which includes tips and tactics for the more advanced sea angler.

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