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Welcome to the Sea Anglers Gear Guide. The Gear Guide is the section of the website that we house all of our product showcases and reviews of sea fishing tackle.

Product Showcases – Product Showcases are not reviews, they are previews or extensive articles about a particular product of sea fishing tackle. These are designed to give you as much information about the workings of the products and how the product was designed, developed and manufactured without going into a full review. Showcases are guides that help you find out a bit more information about a product than you might be able to find elsewhere online or from the manufacturer directly. Some Showcase products will go on to be full reviews.

Product Reviews – These are our extensive product reviews of sea fishing tackle. Products we have taken out to fish with over time. We’ll give you an honest appraisal of each product based on our usages over that time. For those of you expecting “full throat, scathing reviews” you’ll need to find another website to read, we’ll only be reviewing product we think worthy of these pages. If product doesn’t come up to scratch, we won’t be wasting our time writing the review or your time in reading it.

For information on how we review and how to get your product reviewed, please read our review manifesto.

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