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Welcome to the Sea Anglers Guide

Back in 1998 I created a website called Sea All The Angles, the website was one of the very first online “magazine” type websites dedicated to sea angling. Through the years the website evolved to become Sea-Fishing.com and then, WorldSeaFishing.com. WorldSeaFishing.com was originally a continuation of the online magazine until a forum was added in 2004. The forum grew and grew and became the largest sea angling forum in the United Kingdom and one of the largest in Europe, overtime the forum began to dominate the website and the magazine was lost in amongst the traffic and publicity generated by the forum. After eighteen years at the helm of the largest sea angling site in the country in late 2015 I decided that my time with the website should come to an end, I believed that in order to allow the forum to flourish further it needed fresh blood. I also came to the conclusion that my heart just wasn’t in it, I wasn’t enjoying running it anymore and I felt I needed to move on. Early in 2016 a deal was secured which saw the WSF Forums sold to Canadian media conglomerate, Vertical Scope Inc. As part of the deal, I retained the content from the WSF Magazine, allowing WSF to become a forum in its own right.

Which leads me on to what has been launched today. Originally my plan was only to launch the website when I’d been through every article, re-edited where needed and had a bulk of fresh content available. However, with other work increasing this was proving to be time consuming and time has been dragging on. I’m emailed daily by anglers who used to enjoy the old magazine content, asking where they could find it and if not, when it would be published again. In the end, the solution became obvious, just launch the darn thing and edit “on the fly”. The simple fact is, barely any of these articles have been touched since WSF was sold, so, they’re literally warts and all! They will all be edited at some point but for now, they’re as is.

What you see before you is the early stages of what I want the website to become. Over the coming years this website will be added to, changed, evolved and will, fish willing, become a popular destination for sea anglers looking for stories, articles and information to enhance their enjoyment and their catches when fishing.

This website will not become a clone of everything else. It will not be a forum (although a link to WSF is available for those who enjoy forums) or a catch report website, it won’t be a news outlet publishing the same old press releases you see everywhere else. That’s not what this website is about. This website is about providing great, entertaining features. Stories that inspire you to dig out those rods when the rain is bouncing off the ground and the trees are horizontal. It’s about providing good quality product reviews of gear that has been taken out and given a decent once over. It’s about preserving a legacy of angling literature that is the cornerstone of our sport. It’s not about who’s the best expert, who’s won the most matches or who can cast the furthest, it’s about you, it’s all about providing you with the entertainment that inspires you to keep reading, keep fishing and keep catching.

Sea Anglers Guide is in essence going back to basics, whilst social media and forums are fantastic, to me, you can’t beat the long form written word with top quality photography to match, and that’s what I hope to provide. It’s going to be a long and hard journey but an exciting one too.

Tight Lines,

Mike Thrussell Jnr
Owner and Editor of the Sea Anglers Guide.